Terrazza del Pincio, Roma

Terrazza del Pincio, Rome

Terrazza del Pincio in Rome

Terrazza del Pincio - is a panoramic terrace at the top of the Pincio hill, used as a tower overlooking Piazza del Popolo below. The construction of the terrace began in 1826 by Giuseppe Valadier, who also designed the square Piazza del Popolo.

From here there is a beautiful view of the dome of San Pietro, Castel Sant'Angelo and Santa Maria del Popolo, there is also a beautiful view of the churches Basilica Santa Maria in Montesanto and Chiesa Santa Maria dei Miracoli, from here you can see the Fontana del Nettuno and the entire Obelisco Flaminio. Teresa is surrounded by a picturesque forest, and there is also a playground where all sorts of events are held, including performances by musicians.

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View of Santa Maria del Popolo, Terrazza del Pincio
View of Santa Maria del Popolo from Terrazza del Pincio

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