Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia is the most beautiful square in Rome, which is popular with the Romans and numerous guests of the beautiful Italian capital. It is from here that the most exciting excursions for tourists to begin, because it is from this wonderful square that the main streets of Rome begin. It is located in the historic centre of the city.

Why did the square get such a name?

In 1455, a Palace was built on the site of the modern square by order of Pietro Barbo. He was a Venetian cardinal in those days. The original building was in his possession. Later, the Venetian Embassy in Rome was housed in it. And in the 20th century, the owner of the building was Benito Mussolini. The Palace was named Venice, therefore the square on which it was located received the same name.

According to legend, the Palace of Venice was built on the same place where once stood the house in which the evangelist Mark slept one night. He was considered the patron of the natives of Venice ancient times. That is why they often came here to visit this place.

What attractions are located in Piazza Venezia?

1. Palace of Venice, located in the Western part of the square. This building looks quite modest. It is not decorated with huge columns or painted frescoes. However, the true power of this building is not in its architectural decoration, but in its historical significance for Rome. Currently, inside the Palace, there are works of art, ceramic exhibits, medieval weapons and household items.
2. St. Mark Basilica, which belongs to the complex of the Palace of Venice. It is made in the Baroque style and it has never been rebuilt. The Church has an original arched structure and is decorated with painted mosaics. There are the relics of St. Mark and several tombstones inside it.
3. The Vittoriano. This huge building of white marble occupied a large area of the Northern slope of Capitol Hill. Its 81-meter height is simply amazing. It was built in honour of King of Italy Victor Emmanuel ll.
4. The monument to Victor Emmanuel ll is a depiction of the king as a knight in armour riding a horse. This is a very huge monument, which is definitely worth a look when visiting the Piazza Venezia.
5. House of Bonaparte. It is in this building, located on the Northside of the square, once lived the mother of the great French commander Napoleon Bonaparte. Around this building is the life of ordinary Romans, which the woman who raised Bonaparte loved to watch from her balcony window.

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Piazza Venezia
Piazza Venezia, Victor Emmanuel ll

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What attractions are located in Piazza Venezia?

1. 1. The Colosseum was completely destroyed during the construction of the palazzo for Piazza Venezia, the material for which was taken from the ancient amphitheatre. So these two attractions can be considered the closest relatives, because it is located on Colosseum Square, which is 3 minutes.
2. 2. The statue of King Victor Emmanuel II inside is hollow. Masters, who were engaged in the construction of this monument, gathered inside it and arranged a feast on the occasion of the completion of the work.
3. 3. Workers discovered the skeleton of a mammoth during the construction of the Altare della Patria - Altar of the Fatherland. Via del Corso is in the immediate vicinity of Piazza Venezia. Its length reaches 1.6 kilometres. The Romans claim that this is the longest straight stretch in the city. Via dei Fori Imperiali will take you from the square directly to the Colosseum. You will be able to enjoy an overview of the forums of Julius, Augustus and the Roman forum along the way.

Panoramic view from Piazza Venezia

Panoramic view of Rome from Le Terrazze del Vittoriano is one of the most beautiful place to see Rome above. You will get to see the most of Rome landmarks - Trajan's Forum, the Colosseum, churches, famous street Via del Corso.

Ticket price per person is €10

Piazza Venezia, Victor Emmanuel, flags

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