Piazza Barberini, Rome

Piazza Barberini

Piazza Barberini, Roma

Piazza Barberini - The square is located in the center of Rome. Attractions that will forever remain in the memory of every tourist are located in it.

Fontana del Tritone

This creation of the famous architect of ancient times Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini is located in the center of the square. It was built in the VIII century. 4 dolphins are the basis of the Fontana del Tritone. It is they who hold the bowl on which stands Triton, which looks like both a man and a fish. He holds in his hands sink and blows a stream of water out of it.

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Fontana del Nettuno
Fontana del Tritone, Piazza Barberini
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Fontana Delle Api

This fountain was created by the same architect Bernini.

A small sink bearing the name of Urban VIII is located in the center of this elegant fountain. The lines from his poem are written just below.

3 bees are located at the base of the sink. The fountain is designed in such a way that it seems that bees fill the sink with water.

Palazzo Barberini

3 architects worked on the creation of this outstanding work of architectural art, one of which was Bernini. The Palace impresses with its size. Each of its elements, decorated with frescoes in the Baroque style, deserves attention:

1. A two-level hall.
2. Arched window.
3. Stairs.
4. Ceiling.

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