Most Popular Restaurants in Rome

Most Popular Restaurants in Rome

Most Popular Restaurants, Pizzerias, Cafes, Bars, Pubs in Rome

Rome has about 14,000 restaurants, pizzerias, coffee bars, wine bars, cafes, pubs, gelato - ice cream shops, including 23 restaurants at least with one star Michelin.
Today I want to talk about reviews in places where we eat, yes - this is a very important moment when traveling, good restaurants, cafes are one of the part of our jorney, we have to choose without any mistakes. I always reading the reviews on google map. And I would like to share with you the places that fit in the TOP 20 list, reviews by google map reviewers. Let's check the most popular restaurants in Rome!!

Rank Name Category Reviews
1 Tonnarello Restaurant 14,447
2 Giolitti Ice Cream Shop 12,973
3 Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant 12,848
4 Mò Mò Republic Restaurant 6,477
5 Gelateria La Romana Ice Cream Shop 6,451
6 McDonald’s Fast Food Restaurant 5,940
7 Pompi Dessert Restaurant 5,836
8 Grazia & Graziella Restaurant 5,798
9 Trattoria Vecchia Roma Restaurant 5,649
10 Cantina e Cucina Restaurant 5,640
11 Pizzarium Pizza Takeaway 5,553
12 Sant' Eustachio Il Caffè Pastry Shop 5,404
13 Momart Restaurant Cafè Restaurant 5,197
14 LA BASE Restaurant 5,202
15 Osteria da Fortunata Restaurant 5,140
16 Gelateria Della Palma Ice Cream Shop 5,003
17 Pizzeria Da Baffetto Restaurant 4,888
18 Alì Babà Kebab Shop 4,828
19 McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant 4,744
20 Dar Poeta Restaurant 4,582
BONUS L'Antica Birreria Peroni Pub 4,547
BONUS Scholars Lounge Irish pub Irish Pub 4,324

This article is not about reviews, this is about the number of reviews.

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