Forum of Caesar, The Caesar Forum

Forum of Caesar

Forum of Caesar - Majestic Place

The Caesar Forum is the first of the imperial forums in Rome. Caesar instructed Cicero in 54 BC. e. buy a plot of land in the amount of 60 - 100 million sesterces. On this site, Guy Julius Caesar in 54 - 46 years BC. e. a new forum was built as an extension of the Roman Forum, You can enjoy the ancient atmosphere while walking along the street Via dei Fori Imperiali.

In the II century under the emperor Trajan, the forum was completely rebuilt, and after a fire in 283 under Diocletian it was rebuilt.

The forum is infront of Trajan's Forum and near Piazza Venezia, in 3 minutes away is majestic Colosseum.

The Caesar Forum
The Caesar Forum

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