Forum of Caesar, The Caesar Forum

Forum of Caesar

Forum of Caesar - Majestic Place

The Caesar Forum is the first of the imperial forums in Rome. Caesar instructed Cicero in 54 BC. e. buy a plot of land in the amount of 60 - 100 million sesterces. On this site, Guy Julius Caesar in 54 - 46 years BC. e. a new forum was built as an extension of the Roman Forum, You can enjoy the ancient atmosphere while walking along the street Via dei Fori Imperiali.

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In the II century under the emperor Trajan, the forum was completely rebuilt, and after a fire in 283 under Diocletian it was rebuilt.

The forum is infront of Trajan's Forum and near Piazza Venezia, in 3 minutes away is majestic Colosseum.

The Caesar Forum
The Caesar Forum

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