Trajan's Market, Roma

Trajan's Market in Rome

Trajan's Market - Mercati di Traiano

Trajan's Market - The ruins of trading buildings on the forum of Trajan in Rome.

The best hotels to stay in this area: Hotel Pace Helvezia, Hotel Traiano

Unique area, the five-story shopping complex was built in the years 100-112 by Appolodor of Damascus in the form of terraces on the side of a hill. There were about 150 shops, taverns, eateries. Each shop had an exit (vitrina) to the street. The shops sold spices, fruits, wine, olive oil, fish, silk and other goods from the East.

This place of ancient city full of tourists and locals, here you can also meet the inhabitants of Rome.

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Nearby: Piazza Venezia and Colosseum.

Map of city + hotels and apartments

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