Tridente, Roma

Tridente, Rome

Tridente in Rome

Tridente - is the complex of roads formed by three straight streets of Rome, departing from Piazza del Popolo and diverging southward, taking the shape of a trident, it starts from Chiesa Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Basilica Santa Maria in Montesanto. This is one of the greatest urban achievements of the 16th century.

At the beginning of the 1st century, this area was mainly occupied by urban gardens and vineyards, as well as a port area. The urban area of the Trident, surrounded by the streets of Ripetta and Via del Babuino and centered on Via del Corso, was the result of urban development in the area, between the 15th and 17th centuries. In 1704, the port of Ripetta was opened, recreated in monumental forms, Completion of the Trinità dei Monti staircase, work by Francesco De Sanctis, executed between 1723 and 1726, this was the excellent completion of the Trident project At the turn of the Napoleonic era, the architect Giuseppe Valadier greatly changed the Piazza del Popolo, enlarging it and giving it its current elliptical shape, previously trapezoidal, connecting it with the Pincio Park at the top with an elegant staircase and terrace.

Here is classic restaurants like Roman restaurant called Dal Pollarolo 1936 founded in 1936, located at Via di Ripetta 4 and well-know pizzeria PizzaRé since 1995, located at Via di Ripetta 14.

View of Via del Babuino
View of Via del Babuino, Rome

Hotels near Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome

Via del Babuino 9 - Rocco Forte Hotel De Russie 5*
Via del Babuino 79 - Babuino 79 4*
Via del Babuino 151 - Residenza Canova Tadolini Luxury Rooms & Suites 4*
Via del Babuino 56 - Babuino Deluxe 4*
Via del Babuino 29 - Babuino Palace&Suites 79 4*
Via del Babuino 70 - Piazza di Spagna Comfort Rooms 4*
Via del Babuino 55 - Canova Rooms in Spanish Steps 4*
Via del Babuino 48 - Piazza Di Spagna Fantastic Apartment 4*
Via del Babuino 56 - Babuino 4*
Via del Babuino 151 - Baboon Room
Via del Babuino 56 - Relais56
Via del Corso 63 - The First Roma Dolce 5*
Via del Corso 281 - Corso 281 Luxury Suites 5*
Via del Corso 1 - Mini Studio con Balcone a Piazza del Popolo 4*
Via del Corso 4 - Tridente Suites 4*
Via del Corso 12 - Corso 12 Roma 4*
Via del Corso 18 - Residenza Al Corso 4*
Via del Corso 22 - EMERALD Luxury Suite Apartment 4*
Via del Corso 24 - The Chic Suite 4*
Via del Corso 97 - Rent In Rome Grand Master Suites 4*
Via del Corso 107 - Town House Spagna 4 - Spa Baths 4*
Via Di Ripetta 2 - Ripetta Palace 3*
Via di Ripetta 9 - Ripetta Relais 4*
Via di Ripetta 7 - 7 Inn Spanish Steps 4*
Via di Ripetta 25 - Rarity Suites 4*
Via Di Ripetta 231 - Residenza Di Ripetta 4*
Via di Ripetta 41 - Rome Center Relais 3*
Via di Ripetta 226 - La Maison d'Epoque Spagna 4*
Via di Ripetta 70 - Spanish Diamond Luxury Suites & Jacuzzi 4*
Via di Ripetta 66 - The Spanish Suite Via di Ripetta 4*

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