TOP20 World's Most Visited Countries 2023

The World's Most Visited Countries 2023

TOP20 The World's Most Visited Countries 2023

In this article we will tell you about world tourism rankings, let's see the most visited countries in 2023.

Paris is one the most popular cities in the world. Please check below the ratings. For over 30 years, France has remained the top tourist destination worldwide, captivating travelers with its diverse range of attractions. From the iconic Eiffel Tower and renowned culinary scene to the magnificent Musée du Louvre and majestic Palace of Versailles, the country offers something for every explorer. The picturesque beaches of the Cote d'Azur and the enchanting Disneyland Paris also add to its charm. France truly embodies the essence of a remarkable and unforgettable vacation.

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Most visited destinations by international tourist arrivals 2023

Rank Country International tourists Change
1 France 89,4 million
2 Spain 83,7 million
3 United States 79,3 million
4 China 65,7 million
5 Italy 64,5 million
6 Turkey 51,2 million
7 Mexico 45 million
8 Thailand 38,8 million
9 Germany 39,6 million
10 United Kingdom 39,4 million

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