Piazza d'Aracoeli, Roma

Piazza d'Aracoeli in Rome

Piazza d'Aracoeli, Rome

Piazza d'Aracoeli is a square in Rome, located on the slopes of Campidoglio, in the Campitelli area, nearby Piazza Venezia. The square has changed several times in its history, today one side is due to the demolition carried out during the construction of the monument to Victor Emmanuel II, which began in 1885, and also, in the 1930s, due to the isolation of the Campidoglio area, the square in in the past it was called Piazza del Mercato. The square was essentially divided into two parts: one is Mercato, at the foot of the Capitol, and the other, to the north, at the opposite end, called the Mercatello.

These two place names are repeated in the names of two local churches, San Biagio de Mercato, then Santa Rita, still in existence, but moved to another place, and San Giovanni in Mercatello, then San Venanzio, are still remembered today in toponymy. Near the square where the Muti Bussi Palace and the Atalli Palace now stand, there were two of the city's many towers: Torre del Mercato and Torre del Canchele.

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As often happens, the market was not only a place of trade, but also a place of political debate. By the way, in 1551 Saint Ignatius of Loyola opened his first school of Christian grammar, today it is the famous Roman College. The architectural features of the square are represented by Palazzo Muti Bussi, Palazzo Fani (today Pecci Blunt) and Palazzo Massimo di Rignano, then Column. The centerpiece is the fountain, designed by Giacomo Della Porta and executed in 1589 by Andrea Brasca, Pietro Gucci and Pace Naldini.

From here you can admire at a glance the Quirinal, Altare della Patria, the Forum of Trajan with its column, as well as the Palazzo Venezia, and the churches of Santa Maria di Loreto and Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano.

Intersections of square: Via del Teatro di Marcello, Via della Tribuna di Tor de' Specchi, Via di S. Marco, Viadi San Venanzio, Via dell'Aracoeli, Via di Tor Margana.

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