Lungotevere, Roma

Lungotevere in Rome

Lungotevere in Rome

Lungotevere is a boulevard or boulevard that runs along the Tiber River in Rome city, built by demolishing pre-existing buildings on the banks of the river itself, the embankments of which were limited by the construction of the bank. The embankment adjoins the famous riones of Rome, like: colorful Trastevere, ancient Borgo, Ponte.

The embankments were built mainly to eliminate and suppress the floods of the Tiber. On July 6, 1875, a law was passed, which marked the beginning of the demolition of buildings on the bank with the corresponding construction of avenues along the river, and the erection of massive walls and bringing the width of the channel to 100 meters. Many historically significant buildings, structures and churches were demolished for construction: among them Palazzo Altoviti, Sant'Anna dei Bresciani, Ripetta harbor, Cestia bridge, Teatro Apollo in Tor di Nona, Ponte Rotto. Ponte Sant'Angelo, has also been expanded with two arches added.

Work began in 1876 and ended in 1926; on this occasion, several bridges were built that connected the two banks of the Tiber. The Lungoteveri were designed by the engineer Raffaele Canevari, it was inspired by the Parisian naberge model.

List of the Lungotevere

Lungotevere delle Navi, Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, Lungotevere in Augusta, Lungotevere Marzio, Lungotevere dei Vallati, Lungotevere Dante, Lungotevere in Sassia, Lungotevere Della Vittoria, Lungotevere Castello, Lungotevere Prati, Lungotevere degli Inventori Lungotevere Flaminio, Lungotevere Salvo D'Acquisto, Lungotevere Vaticano, Lungotevere Maresciallo Diaz, Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio, Lungotevere degli Altoviti and others.

Accommodations in Lungotevere area, Rome

Largo dei Fiorentini 1 - Secret Rhome 3*
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 308 - Corso Vittorio 308 4*
Via Dei Bresciani 23 - Rome River Inn 4*
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 294 - Boutique Hotel Atelier '800 2*
Via del Conservatorio 55 - Residenza Il Duca3*
Via Giulia 93 - Relais Giulia 4*
Via Giulia 62 - Hotel Indigo Rome - St. George 5*
Via del Gonfalone 30 - Residenza Gonfalone 4*
Via del Pavone 33 - Maison Giulia 3*
Via Del Mascherone 59 - Hotel Residenza In Farnese 4*
Via del Gonfalone 6 - Gonfalone 6 5*
Via del Conservatorio 55 - Guest House Al Conservatorio 4*
Via della Barchetta 14 - Hotel De' Ricci - Small Luxury Hotels of the World 4*
Via Giulia 4 - Palazzo Pamphili Lecca di Guevara 4*
Via del Conservatorio 55 - Residenza Il Giglio 3*
Via Dei Pettinari 64 - Hotel Ponte Sisto 4*
Via San Bartolomeo De' Vaccinari 19 - Jb Relais Luxury 4*
Via Monte Dè Cenci 8 - Hotel Monte Cenci 4*
Via Del Tempio 3 - Il Tempio Della Capitale 3*
Via Elio Toaff 4 - Lea Luxury Rooms 4*
Via del Tempio 6 - HT6 Hotel Roma 4*
Via Della Gensola 55 - La Gensola In Trastevere 4*
Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio 1 - Trastevere Royal Suite Trilussa 4*

Lungotevere, Rome
Lungotevere, Rome

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