Obelisco Sallustiano, Roma

Obelisco Sallustiano in Rome

Obelisco Sallustiano in Rome

Obelisco Sallustiano - The Obelisk of Sallustiano is an obelisk in Rome, installation date is 1789, height 13.97 meters and height with pedestal 30.45 meters, located in Piazza della Trinita dei Monti in front of the church of Trinità dei Monti and at the top of the Spanish Steps leading to Piazza di Spagna in the Campo Marzio area.

Built during the Roman period, probably between the 2nd and 3rd centuries, in imitation of the Egyptian obelisks. It was originally installed in the gardens of Sallusti, on Pincio. In 1789, Pope Pius VI made a controversial decision, placing him in a good spot at the top of the Spanish Steps. There are 2 streets on the right, Via Gregoriana and Via Sistina, the last one leads directly to the square

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Obelisco Sallustiano, Rome
Sallustiano Obelisk, Rome

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