TOP 25 Most Popular Attractions in Europe

TOP 25 Most Popular Attractions in Europe

TOP 25 Most Popular Attractions in Europe

There are a huge number of attractions in the world, in every country there are many places where you always want to return. As we know most of the ancient sites are located in Italy, like Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, check the full list of most popular attractions in Rome.

Today we can check the list of Europe's most popular attrations by reviews on google map

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Rank Name Country Category Reviews
1 Trevi Fountain Italy Historical landmark 263,164
2 Colosseum Italy Historical landmark 248,712
3 Eiffel Tower France Historical landmark 246,308
4 Disneyland Paris France Amusement Park 208,611
5 Louvre Museum France Art Museum 207.492
6 La Sagrada Familia Spain Basilica 152,452
7 Pantheon Italy Manument 145,874
8 Puerta del Sol Spain Plaza 143,887
9 Arc de Triomphe France Manument 142,540
10 Red Square Russia Plaza 137,790
11 Buckingham Palace Unitied Kingdom Palace 137.010
12 Champ de Mars France Park 133,108
13 London Eye United Kingdom Tourist Attraction 124,468
14 Plaça de Catalunya Spain Plaza 122,465
15 Park Güell Spain Park 121,948
16 El Retiro Park Spain Park 121,338
17 St. Peter's Basilica Vatican City Basilica 117,128
18 Piazza Navona Italy Plaza 116,729
19 Prague Castle Czech Republic Castle 116,088
20 St. Mark's Square Italy Plaza 114,953
21 Plaza Mayor Spain Historical Landmark 113,747
22 The British Museum United Kingdom Museum 110,252
23 Charles Bridge Czech Republic Bridge 109,022
24 Vatican Museums Vatican City Art Museum 107,534
25 Roman Forum Italy Museum 104.619

This article is not about reviews, this is about the number of reviews.

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