Hotels Near Trevi Fountain

Hotels Near Trevi Fountain

Hotels Near Trevi Fountain, best hotels by reviews

One of the most visited places in Rome and also in Italy, there are many restaurants, souvenir shops, here is the best ice cream in the city.

Here you can see photoshoots at 6 am, apartments near Trevi fountain, we already wrote about it, and now we have prepared hotels near Trevi fountain

Via delle Muratte 90/92 - Boutique Hotel Trevi 4*
Via delle Muratte 87 - Trevi Elite Rome 4*
Via del Lavatore 30 - Trevi Palace Luxury Inn 3*
Via del Lavatore 32 - Heart Palace Fontana di Trevi 3*
Via del Lavatore 37 - Appartamento Lavatore 4*
Via del Lavatore 44 - Relais Fontana Di Trevi Hotel
Via del Lavatore 83 - Trevi Beau Boutique Hotel 3*

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