Il Tempio di Adriano, Roma

Il Tempio di Adriano - Temple of Hadrian

Temple of Hadrian, Rome

Il Tempio di Adriano - dedicated to the deified emperor Hadrian on the Champ de Mars in Rome, on Piazza di Pietra Quite possibly, that the construction of the building had already begun under Hadrian himself, in order to dedicate it to his wife. Works, but the actual construction of the temple is due to his successor, Antonino Pio, and was completed around 145. In 1695, during the pontificate of Innocent XII, the remains of the temple were incorporated by Carlo Fontana into the Palazzo della Dogana di Terra.

Eleven of the thirteen original columns on the north side are still visible, they are now embedded in the building that has been the main seat of the Roman Chamber of Commerce since 1878.

Literally 50 meters away is Colonna di Marco Aurelio and Fontana di Piazza Colonna on Piazza Colonna and is connected by a famous street Via del Corso.

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